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Discover or re-discover the taste of our french traditional confectionery made with vintage and classical recipes.


  • Nougat

    The Nougat and the Touron are two specialties that are worth a detour in each region.
    The Nougat from Montelimar is made out of honey, sugar, egg white, vanilla, almond and pistachio. It’s a Corsican nougat made with Beauty Island products like lemon, clementine, fig and almond.
    The Catalan Touron is a nougat from the South of France. It is a specialty that combines the benefits of dried fruit and the sweetness of honey.

  • Calissons

    The Calissons are a traditional candy from Provence. A calisson is usually composed of almonds from Provence and a candied fruit.

  • Caramels

    Discover our varieties of traditional caramels, whether melted or with salted butter.

  • Candy and sweets

    We selected old types of candy that we hope you’ll enjoy discovering.

  • Crystallized Flowers

    The crystallized flowers are made from freshly picked flowers and leaves and crystallized sugar. Those flowers are crispy and elegant confections made out of violets, roses, mimosa pearls and mint flowers.

  • Fruit paste

    Discover our fruit pastes, carefully selected to ensure their quality taste.