Delivery and return

Delivery in France, Corse and Dom-Tom

  • Delivery in different places with Mondial Relay.
  • Your package is delivery in 24/ 48 hours with mondial relay pointing the place that you will choose ( in front of your job, house or you commute ( there are 5000 relay in France).
  • Your store that accepted the package are often a trade people who open his store during long time , even if saturday and sunday.
  • You will receive an email when the package is disponible in the store that you choose.
  • You have to get back the package maximum ten days after the reception of the store
  • This option is available only for delivery in France, Corse and Dom Tom.
  • Warning : trade people doesn’t receive delivery every saturday and they can be closed during one day in the week.


Follow delivery with colissimo 


  • More rapid in your house or in your localisation that you prefer.
  • Your package is delivery in 48/72 hours in the place that you prefer. If you are not here, you will receive a message to get back your package in La Poste.
  • It’s possible to delivery your package in a cityssimo relay.
  • We delivered your package in delays of 48/72 hours in France for all oder passed before 11 a.m between monday to friday. it’s possible to delivery the box in cityssimo relay.

listing of countries wich delivery : UE, France , DOM-TOM and Swiss

The price of the delivery is calculated in function of the weight of your package and the destination. You can calculate the price that you will pay in the page before the conclusion of your order. You have to choose the country to know the real price. Warning : your oder is calculated without taxes. according the country, you can have also additionals taxes.

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