1- Who are we ?

Douceurs-Vintage is an online shop that sells traditional (and sometimes forgotten) sweets, candies, chocolates and biscuits.
If you are looking for authentic products, you'll find delicious traditional products that will make everyone happy.

2- Where do the products come from?

The sweets, chocolates and biscuits we sell are regional products. They are manufactured in France and carefully selected to ensure their quality. It’s one of our values to support french regional production and small handicrafts.

3- Delivery:

We deliver everywhere in France (including Corsica and French overseas territories) and in european countries.

4- Is there a catalog for our products?

Yes, there is a catalog, on the home page of our website, that you can download.

5- Payment methods :

We accept many forms of payment: credit card, Visa, PayPal or checks. For checks, orders are sent when the check is cashed in (the products will be considered ‘reserved’ in the meantime). Furthermore, we inform you that will not accept reimbursment requests after you have received the package with the products.

6- I have no PayPal account, can I still use this payment method?

Yes, since PayPall also allows you to pay with your credit card without creating an account.

7- Can I pay my products with gift vouchers?

Yes, we accept vouchers from Douceurs-Vintage.